The Railway Enthusiasts' Club
2019 Model Railway Exhibition


presented by the French Railway Society

2mm Scale / Continental N

1965-2000, fictional Location in SW France on the former 1500V DC Chemin de fer Du Midi Line


presented by Iain Hunter

3.5mm Scale / HO-16.5 & 18.2

1990's V-Line( AUSTRALIA) Mainline Through Station


2mm Scale / N

1960's Western through station with branch line


4mm Scale / OO

1960's Western branch line terminus

Greenfield Sidings

4mm Scale / OO

BR Steam / Green diesel & SR electrics


7mm Scale / O

German branch line terminus


4mm Scale / OO9

Freelance slate carrying narrow gauge ralway set in North Wales


3.5mm Scale / HO

Austrian outline (OBB)

Launceston Steam Railway

presented by Richard Holder

4mm Scale / OO9

Present Day Privately Owned Tourist Narrow Gauge Railway Terminus

Upcreek Quarry

presented by Richard Gardner

4mm Scale / OO9

American Narrow Gauge Quarry


presented by Nigel Crow

4mm Scale / OO

Cornish Branch Line Station, 2000-2005 EWS, Wessex Trains

Tedburn St Mary

presented by the South West Herts Model Railway Society

4mm Scale / OO

Set in 1947, Tedburn St Mary is 8 miles West of Exeter, GWR, with LSWR having Running rights


presented by the Woking Miniature Railway Society Modellers

4mm Scale / OO

WW2 LMS Mainline Through Station with Branch Bay


presented by Chris Lamacraft

4mm Scale / EM

Early 1930's GWR Branch Terminus


presented by the Southampton Model Railway Society

4mm Scale / EM

Early 1960's BR Scottish Region Branch Line Terminus


presented by Graham Tierney

4mm Scale / EM

1922 Taff Vale Railway (TVR) Branch

Tudwick Road Siding

presented by Dave Tailby

7mm Scale / O

1970's based 7mm scale Micro Layout


presented by Jonathan Buckie

4mm Scale / P4

2000-2012, Northern Terminus of the Cambrian Coast Railway, Arriva Trains Wales

Clearwater Harbour

presented by Steve Waterfield

7mm Scale / On30

A Freelance Narrow Gauge Line, Set in N America, Near the Canadian Border


presented by the Railway Enthusiasts Club

7mm Scale / O

1930's GWR junction station


presented by Chris Robertson

7mm Scale / O

1928-1930 LNER branch terminus

Stodden Hundred Light Railway

presented by Andrew Jones

7mm Scale / O

1930'S Independent light Railway, through Station and Terminus